nursing service

Nursing service is one of the three major divisions of Ospital ng Palawan’s organizational structure functioning under the general supervision of the Chief of Hospital. The Nursing service is headed by the Chief Nurse and is tasked to uphold the quality of nursing practice in the institution. Functions of the nursing service are as stated, but not limited to the Philippine Nursing Act of 1991, R.A. 7164 sec 27 which is a follows:

a. Utilization of the nursing process; assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of care. Such care includes, but are not limited to innovative approaches in nursing, therapeutic use of self executing nursing techniques and procedures, comfort measures, health teaching and administration of legal and written prescriptions for treatment, therapies, medications and injections-hypodermic, intramuscular, or intravenous injections, special training shall be required and according to protocol established.
b. Established of linkage with community resources and coordination of services with other members of the health teams;
c. Motivation of individuals, families and communities to accept primary responsibility for their own health care; the utilization of indigenous resources and appropriate technology in bringing about improvement in the quality of their lives.
d. Participation in teaching, guidance and supervision of students in nursing education programs; administration of nursing services in varied settings, and engaging in the other activities calling for the performance of functions, duties and responsibilities requiring the utilization of understanding, knowledge and decision making skills of a registered nurse;
e. Undertaking nursing and health manpower development, training and research and soliciting finances thereof, in cooperation with the appropriate government or private agencies and the application of findings for purpose of improvement.

The nursing service also coordinates with other service areas for the efficient and effective delivery of quality support services.

The selection of staff composing the nursing services is based on approved Plantilla of Personnel.


A fully departmentalized nursing service with well-trained, committed, compassionate personnel, providing responsive and quality nursing care to the people it serves.


The nursing service should render effective, efficient and holistic nursing care to patients and their families through:

• Competent nursing personnel
• Upgraded clinical nursing specialization
• Value oriented nursing staff
• Research-based and globally competitive nursing care


The Nursing Service of the Ospital ng Palawan believes that nursing is an individualized process of caring for and supporting patients as they progress through the changing levels of health.

The Nursing service further believes that:

1. Nursing human resources are committed to the holistic care of clients utilizing the nursing process and to meet the health care problems of the patients.
2. Nursing human resources advocate and respect patients rights and are also cognizant with ethico-moral and legal standards of professional nursing practice.
3. Nursing human resources coordinate and collaborate with other health care professionals and support therapeutic medical treatment throughout the process care.
4. Nursing human resources are dynamic and provide relevant nursing service to improve delivery of health services.
5. Nursing human resources are prepared to assume various roles in the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health.
6. Nursing human resources are involved in professional growth thus improving their competencies.
7. Nursing human resources recognize that the community has the right to expect quality cost-effective nursing care.


General: To provide excellent care and safe practice.


1. To provide quality care to patients by giving due respect to the spiritual, psycho-social, physical and economic needs of human beings, his family and the community.
2. To provide framework of communication that will function horizontally and vertically to promote better understanding and coordination.
3. To maintain close harmonious working relationship with the medical and paramedical group for optimum care.
4. To formulate standards and policies which will ensure equitable quality care that are relevant to community needs, local culture, comfort and relief of patients, their relatives and personnel as well.
5. To integrate promotive, preventive and primary health care into curative and rehabilitative services.
6. To install programs which shall promote personnel development, safeguard rights and ensure a caring, compassionate nursing staff.