By the year 2015, the ONP Clinical Laboratory will be upgraded into Tertiary Level and will provide an efficient, precise and innovative laboratory service based on quality management system to achieve total customer satisfaction.


In the spirit of teamwork by trained, dedicated and knowledgeable laboratory staffs, together with adhering to current technology , we shall provide an efficient, reliable service toward achieving excellence in patient care and to pursue professional and technological advancement through continuous training, research and development. 


Ospital ng Palawan Clinical Laboratory Quality Manual will be available at the bench to all staff. A written procedure manual for the performance of analytical methods used by the Clinical Laboratory is readily available and followed by Clinical Laboratory personnel. Textbooks, reference manuals may be used as supplements only to the written descriptions but may not be used in lieu of the Clinical Laboratory's written procedures for testing and examining specimens. Policies and procedures contain as , per AO 2007-0027,revised rules and regulations Governing the licensure and regulation of Clinical Laboratories is applied.

The Ospital ng Palawan Clinical Laboratory offers valuable diagnostic services. With trained personne,l we are able to provide clinical laboratory analysis in Chemistry, Hematology, Urinalysis, Microbiology, and Serology. For those procedures that are not performed in this facility, we have acquired the services of larger and often more specialized reference laboratories that share the same beliefs as we do in providing you with high quality lab results. The Clinical Laboratory is under the direct supervision of the consultant Pathologist.

Scope of Service:

Types of Clients Serves:

- Neonate
- Infant
- Pediatric
- Adolescent
- Adult
- Geriatric

Hours of Services:

Out Patient

8:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday to Friday
8:00AM to 12:00PM, Saturday

In Patient & Emergency Care

24 / 7

Services Offered:

Hematology Procedures
- Platelet Count
- WBC and Differential Counting
- Reticulocyte Counting
- Bleeding Time
- Clotting Time

Blood Banking Procedures
- ABO Typing
- Rh Typing
- Compatibility Testing

Clinical Chemistry Procedures
- Glucose
- Cholesterol
- Triglycerides
- Creatinine
- Uric Acid
- Electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium & Calcium)

Serology Procedures
- HIV 1/2 Screening Test
- HBsAg Screening Test
- Dengue NS1/IgM/IgG Screening Test
- S. Typhi Screening Test

Clinical Microscopy Procedures
- Routine Urine Analysis
- Urine Ketone
- Routine Fecalysis
- Occult Blood

Microbiology Procedures
- Simple Microbiology-Gram Staining/Acid Fast Staining

Molecular Technology Procedure
- MTB/RIF GenXpert

Other Services Offered
- Newborn Screening Facility
- Procedure: NBS Blood Spot Collection
- Voluntary Counselling and Testing for HIV/AIDS